POST 22: Flooring Begins


Now that the painting and drywall is complete, it’s time for hardwood floor and tile installation. I signed up to purchase and install the hardwood floor. Here is 2 1/4” wide 3/4” thick solid Hickory in the office. We went with a click carbonized strand bamboo in the kitchen (see below) and a warm 3” wide Eucalpytus in the living room.

Here AA stands on the newly installed Bamboo. It was a great learning process and in all I think we did a good job. The hardest part was all the irregular cutting around the island and cabinetry.

living room
AA chooses appropriately sized length of Eucalyptus for the living room floor.

The installation on the nail down material uses a fabulous tool - a pneumatic angled knocker/nailer. I’ve never used air tools before (requires air compressor), but it certainly saves a TON of time over hammering or nailing. The process looks a bit like this:


Aside from the flooring, we have gone through a couple iterations of color changes for the interior walls (our house is COLORFUL!). After realizing that we had chosen about 6 colors of yellow in the house, we opted to cool down this tall wall with a blue.


All these finishing touches are getting us unbearably excited to move in!

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